Young lady who Infected Men with HIV and Put them in Same WhatsApp Group, See What Happened to Her Later

Young lady who Infected Men with HIV and Put them in Same WhatsApp Group and this is what happened to her

A Jomo Kenyatta University understudy known as Bambi, who made a WhatsApp bunch and included all her ex darlings that she tainted with HIV/Aids has stood up and givenn out the entirety of her reasons. As per reports we got, Bambo laid down with various young men and men and she tainted them with HIV/AIDS. She chose to defy expectations and gather the men in a single crate.

This began a web-based media commotion after the said understudy, Bambi playfully made a WhatsApp gathering and her and her companions chose to move the web into a furor.

A screen capture of her as a WhatsApp bunch has been making adjusts via web-based media with a title “How to Live with AIDS”.

This is trailed by an extremely upsetting gathering depiction that truly pops nuts of anybody, in the portrayal, the Young lady who Infected Men intimates that, everybody in that gathering is associated there for one explanation, AIDS! She kept on saying that, they all got it from her and she is liable for their hopelessness.

“You are totally associated here by a certain something, AIDS. All of you have it… You all got it from me… But don’t stress however, in the event that it went in truly, it is in the beginning phases, you can get ARVs or something” the gathering portrayal read.

Bambi a college understudy, a while later let this screen capture go out and the rest is history, she moved in numerous colleges across East Africa.

Be that as it may, at that point in a touch of things, this comes out to be a trick! Indeed, the young lady, at the end of the day, came out and declared that she was doing a trick and she was upset for whoever was influenced.

The Young lady who Infected Men says that, she just thought about the thought, imparted to her companions at the college and they gave it an approval. All things considered, Bambi says she is HIV negative and has not laid down with the men she put in the gathering a couple of them.

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