Watch Video: Bosmic Otim Sends Strong Warning To Haters Disgracing Him.

In response to heated hatred and criticisms placed against him recently, Bosmic Otim has cut the silence and sends strong warning to everyone openly disgracing him in a viral Facebook video.

In the video that lasts for four minutes and thirty five seconds the singer addresses the public on situations around him pointing out what led to his departure from people power and failing UACE papers terribly and what the public should perceive of him.

Otim officially declares an end to his political ambitions claiming that it’s the only cause to the wars against him and claims that his political rivals could have altered his real results just to stop him from contesting for Kitgum municipality parliamentary seat in the year 2021. He goes ahead to say that he is now a staunch supporter of the ruling party NRM and will die under that umbrella.

However, Bosmic Otim seem not to be fine with hatred and criticisms running on social media against him and asks everyone that is openly talking bad about him to leave him alone be very careful with him and do it at their own risks. It’s not so clear the point he was driving into when he said that so everyone should watch the space for him.

Watch the video clip of Bosmic Otim below in luo for detailed information.

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