Watch Video: Bosmic Otim Launches War On Acholi Leaders, Exposes Their Dirty Secrets

Bosmic Otim has always been a dog that barks at anyone that crosses his lines, promises to expose all Acholi leaders who have been enjoying sex workers in Gulu town before the outbreak of coronavirus.

This comes at a time when sex workers are starving with no where to run since pubs and hangouts around town are all shut.

Sex workers threatens that their next move will be exposing those leaders who enjoyed their sweet company and abandoned them during the lockdown if the leaders fail to come to their rescue with some relief food.

Bosmic Otim conveyed this message from sex workers to a larger audience in a video and part of his message is as written below:

“Prostitutes in Gulu have ordered to expose Gulu District leaders nudes, listen very well, Otim is an Acholi, clan is bigger than parties or you are in which party is not very important, what is very important is the problem at home, come and solves it as a leader at the home. Sex workers in the district have ordered to expose those leaders if they don’t support them with food emergency because they are very important than those leaders mothers and if they refuse to reach their point with food items, they are going to leak out their nudes, I always here that someone was arrested under gun point or arrow point but now i heard that Gulu District leaders were arrested under pus*y point,”.

Watch Bosmic’s video below:

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