Watch Video: Bebe Cool Pelted with Bottles Full of Urine During Cindy’s ‘Boom Party Concert’.

Angry fans chased Bebe Cool away from stage during performance at Cindy Sanyu’s Boom Party Concert at Lugogo cricket oval.

Once again, Bebe Cool has faced the wrath of an angry crowd who threw bottles filled with urine at him during a musical performance at Cindy Sanyu’s “Boom Party” held at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Women’s Day eve.

Bebe came on stage well prepared to entertain the large audience little did he know that they had boiling anger for him and were preparing to vent it before long.

Bebe Cool who was singing and jumping to his songs feelings and wire wire on stage as usual with a group of fans giving hands of applause when the incident started to befall him.

All of a sudden fans started throwing water bottles filled with Urine with intentions of chasing him away from the big stage but he tried to maintain his composure and perform as if nothing wrong was taking place.

However, this is not the first time such an occurrence is happening to Bebe Cool. The first time it happened was in 2018 during Tarrus Riley concert that was organized by Swangz Avenue when fans threw bottles at and chased him away from the stage.

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