Upcoming Rapper Tramar Kei Promises To overtake Eezzy

Gulu City Upcoming Rapper Tramar Kei Promises To overtake Eezzy Music From The Charts

Upcoming Rapper Tramar Kei is firm to his belief that Eezzy Di Lyrikal’s name will no longer be running on the music charts as it is now.

The “chicken tonight” hit maker seems to be a lot bothered by the dominance of Eezzy Music on charts and airwaves everywhere around the City and therefore wants to take action against him.

The rapper made it clear that he is the one who is going to cancel Eezzy from the charts in a recent Facebook thread.

In the post Tramar Kei says he is going to overtake Eezzy Music by 2021 and he is serious about it.

“I swear to overtake Eezzy Music from the chat 2021… Northern Music Industry
Cc: TKT ENTERTAINMENT”, Tramar Kei wrote.

From his post you could fathom how much work the new artist might be putting in to raise his name up.

More about Tramar Kei.

Tramar Kei, born and raised in Gulu City. He went to St. Joseph’s College Layibi and Pope John Paul II College Gulu for O’Level.

Tramar Kei is popular among his highschool peers as “Plies”, name given to him due to his love for the American rapper Plies.

His first hit song was “chicken tonight” featuring Gulu District woman member of parliament contestant Liama.

Tramar Kei calls himself the new school leader and he goes under the label TKT entertainment.

Listen To The Song Chicken Tonight by Tramar Kei and Liama Below.

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