Ugandan Singer A Pass Trashed South African Rapper AKA’s IQ

It’s not news anymore that South Africa is being called out for being socially ill to foreigners evident in the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerian Nationals and people from other African countries that claimed many lives and property.
This issue attracted attention of many including prominent celebrities who presented their views on the matter and one of these is South African rapper AKA Super mega whose Tweet caught many people’s eyes and attracted tons of backlash from his fans and Twitter users who went ahead to label him “xenophobic”.

The tweet that says “we can’t lose to Nigeria for the second time” that was actually football related and made during African Cup of Nations kick off in Egypt in June this year was brought to light by critics who says it was showing AKA’s hatred for Nigerians.
AKA made another tweet about xenophobia which says “we can say ‘AFRICA UNITE’ all we want. We need REAL, PRACTICAL solutions to fight xenophobia”.

Singer A Pass couldn’t hold it anymore and jumped in to throw shades on the rapper saying “this is the attitude of someone who’s IQ outside music is not high enough.” Screenshot of the whole tweet is as below;

The singer goes ahead to show how disappointed he is that the rapper is not taking this seriously in another tweet.

Many fans jumped in to give their side of the story in the comments section. Some hailed A Pass for being such a brilliant artist.

On the other hand many came say that AKA’S tweet was only misunderstood.







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