Ugandan Movie Gets nominated for the Oscars 2019.

Ugandan movie industry has been blessed with an Oscars submission for the best international film…

Ugandan movie industry has been blessed with an Oscars submission for the best international film category. This category awards a feature-length motion picture produced in countries rather than the United States with non-English language as the primary language. The movie ‘‘Kony: order from above’’ by Steve T. Ayeny made its way to the 92nd academy awards after a selection by the Uganda Academy Selection Committee (USASC) on Wednesday. The movie is set to be submitted before 1st October.

Oscars which focuses on an international recognition of excellence in cinematic achievements has an award ceremony organized annually in the united states by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The best international feature category invites submission of the best films from film industries outside the united states.

‘’Kony: Order from Above’’ is the first movie in the Ugandan history to be submitted to the Oscars awards following an earlier establishment of the Uganda Academy Selection Committee (USASC) early this year in July.

The movie’’ Kony: Order from Above’’ directed by Steve T. Ayeny is a drama starring Otti and Aguti two lovebirds in a story inspired by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency in Northern Uganda under the command of Joseph Kony. The story talks about the rift caused between the two lovers when Otti got abducted by the LRA rebels at an early age of only eleven years old leaving behind his lover Aguti and how Otti wanted to find his way back to his lover by going as far as trying to escape from the bush under several failed attempts that almost cost him his life.

After Otti giving up on his escape plans, he got a higher ranking in the command hierarchy of the rebel group but his love for Aguti never dies as he wrote letters to her through a reverend in their village to keep the connection between them alive.

Kony got to know about the destination of the letters and ordered for abduction of everyone in that area.

The full twist of the story happens when Aguti got abducted during the rebels’ operation at Aboke Girl’s School and taken to Kony who falls in love with her days later and assigned Otti as her guard.

Godfrey Musinguzi the Chairperson of UASC in a recent statement said, “The selection is only provisional pending the film’s fulfillment of all academy eligibility criteria ahead of the October 1, 2019 Oscar submission deadline for the country entries,”

Musinguzi added that, “The film’s human story, universal themes and authenticity make it a unique piece of home grown art worthy of celebrating on the global platform that is the Oscars.”

Steve T. Ayeny a former student at Lira Integrated Secondary School speaks out after receiving the good news saying, “I feel like God has been faithful to Uganda. This is the first of its kind and I am very happy about this. This is bigger than me as the director and producer. God was in it from day one. I want to thank my crew, cast and everyone who supported this film. As someone who hails from Northern Uganda I wanted to tell our story our own way just to spread love and encourage people to forgive each other focus on the transition and development in Northern Uganda,”.

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