Toni Eazi speaks up on what he hates most about northern musicians

“First our social media branding is poor..”, Toni Eazi pens down a heartfelt message to all artists in Northern Uganda.

Social influencer Toni Eazi got something to say to all artists in Northern Uganda who wants to go any further with their music career.

Toni who is currently focused on inspiring his Facebook fans with messages that makes too much sense says most artists in the North lacks what it takes to keep their game up.

He pens down a well thought message in recent Facebook thread that he believes might change the shape of music industry in the region.

“My cry to Northern Uganda artist and their own fans 🙏”, Toni Eazi wrote, 

“Right now an artist in Nothern Uganda cannot stage an online show and get 5k views…why??

First our social media branding is poor..
Second we forfeit all other media platforms and think that Facebook is the solution
Thirdly we don’t engage our own fans in series of connections to your music.

My question is tell me an artist in Nothern Uganda who has a triple following….That i mean by one who has eg 5k followers on Twitter, 5k on Instagram, 5k likes on Facebook..

We need to up that social media game before even putting up promoters in the music..
Branding is the key to any success in a business.”

Almost everyone agreed with his message in the comments section applauding him for always pointing out things that others do not want to talk about

However, He provided a platform for argument, he wrote: “Correct me where u feel am wrong”

What is your take on Toni Eazi’s message… Drop your comments in the comments section below.

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  1. You’re very correct but the problem first starts with the artist where you see an artist coming up with a hit song, they feel they are already on the top of the game looking at the funs like rubbish where they(funs) hate there own and they don’t appreciate what they do thats why all that comes about.

  2. Yeah Toni Eazi is 100% right . for sure we really need to get serious creating a vast ground for marketing our music.

  3. Thanks so much brother for the insight but to me I also think it’s just not about artists sending friend requests and shouting on the different social media platforms to get 5K plus followers and more but I feel it’s more of the quality of the content an artist puts out on social media for people to consume and how often does the artist connect with his fans on those social media platforms. And this applies so much if you’re a music artist and a specifically a music artist. Trust me if an artist gives their fans the right content and keeps it consistent artists can get huge followings online/Social media platforms. But again for an artist to build a huge network of people on social media it calls for a great effort from his/her management/Promoters. This means an artist has to get gigs, networking meetings, Radio and TV interviews/Appearances and access big platforms like Festivals both nationally and internationally and on and I feel this is so much the work of the promoters. Helping artist’s reach the right audience that can support their work
    So me basically I still think it’s our promoters from Northern Uganda who let our artists down. They don’t understand/Know their promotion game

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