This Man Risked His Own Life To Take A Photo To Post On Social Media

Lockdown alert level 1 has awarded us freedom to do a lot of us, one thing that has been on most people’s minds is travelling, Many appreciated traveling after we have been on lockdown and being prohibited from doing a lot of things , many thought the world is coming to an end as many have lost their lives and the coronavirus brought fear and terror in the world.

People are now appreciating the time they still have on this earth and are taking vacations and traveling the world , overall doing what they always wanted to do and kept delaying.

Resorts and heritage sites are are always fully booked while still trying to mitigate and prevent the spread of the coronavirus in their premises , they can hardly accommodate everyone

Here’s a man that went on a safari and has taken a very life threatening selfie and it has caused a stir online after people thought he could have lost his life.

The man took a photo next to two leopards fiesting on a springbok, he might have took advantage of the fact that they are preoccupied at the moment and they might not attack him but that’s not a guarantee.

Would you take a photo like this?






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