Tanasha Donna Joins Zari to Publicly Accuse Diamond Platinumz of Not Supporting His Children

When socialite Zari Hassan opened up that his ex-boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz doesn’t give his two kids any financial assistance, many thought that perhaps she was just soiling the singer’s name.

But it seems her revelation was true! Perhaps Diamond is good at dodging his fatherly duties.

Tanasha Donna has also come out to accuse the TZ crooner of not giving her any financial assistance in raising their kid, a baby, Naseeb Junior.

Speaking in an interview with Jalang’o, the Kenyan radio gal  has revealed that Diamond Platnumz doesn’t support their child financially after they parted ways.

Tanasha who is a mother of one said she is raising her son on her own and doesn’t need Diamond’s help.

“I have been doing it all on my own, I will be 100% honest with you. I’m very real and I’m not gonna say something that is not the case, with all the respect I have for him and I don’t have any bad blood with him. He is not supporting and I’m doing it on my own and I don’t need his support, to be honest. I’m raising my son just fine, there is nothing that boy lacks in his life. He is fine.” she opened up.

This comes a few days after she revealed during an interview with Mseto East Africa that she’s on speaking terms with her baby daddy.

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