Stranded Mc Kats Seeks Reconciliation with Fame Lounge management.

Mc Kats finds his way back to fame lounge in Kololo after cutting ties with the management a few months ago.

Kats who let loose with the bar had sworn never to step a foot back to that place and went ahead to secure a contract at pearl of Africa hotel but couldn’t stay up on game for long with the hotel as his contract gets terminated for not bringing in enough customers and money to meet the management’s expectations.

Kats was left with no choice but to call fame lounge bosses to reconcile and talk them into business again.

His efforts went fruitful after several crying and begging, he has now gained back his position at the bar and he will be hosting theme night and meet celebrity Wednesday like he used to do before.

He announced on twitter that he is back and kicking at fame lounge and will be back on job on Wednesday tonight where he shall be hosting Bebe Cool and Karole Kasita.

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