stone age rapper

8 Year Old Female Rapper Stone age rapper

Stone age rapper the new kid on the block, young and talented female rapper is up on her A-game, lighting up the Ugandan rap Industry.

Stone Age is a newbie on the big scene of Ugandan hip-hop but she raps different, a style greatly inspired by Maxi Mayne and Fik Fameica who is an inspiration to a lot of budding rappers out there.

At her tender age, she inspires a lot of people through her craft with lyrics that motivates people to work hard in order to achieve their dreams.

“Kyekimu” is one of her most recent hit songs and has been topping charts on radios across central Uganda.

Stone Age’s delivery and confidence proves that she is really coming up for your favorite rappers’ place.

She believes that her music is going to take her places even though competition is already too tough in today’s Music Industry.

Ugandan hip-hop industry is continuing to grow on a fast rate lately seeing a huge growth in local fan base and many rappers like GNL Zamba, Fik Fameica, Recho Rey, Ruyonga, Big Trill and many others making it to the top of the game so she has a shot to take and make it up there too.

Listen to the song “Kyekimu” below and don’t be so quick to pass the judgement, it’s just the beginning.






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