StarBoy Spragga Regrets Leaving Neighbor’s Daughter for Trish.

G. Town’s favorite influencer StarBoy Spragga must be going through some hard times and hating himself so much for not taking a shot at neighbor’s daughter but going to find for love elsewhere.

Spragga who has been seen with several pretty ladies before the lockdown ignored babes around his home area in search for the ones in distant places and the consequences are now hitting hard on him.

He is tired of lonely nights and regrets having a cold feet on making a move on readily available neighbors whom would have been there for him even during the lockdown.

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The staunch online guru proves his regrets on facebook admitting that it would have been better dating a neighbor than going far away from home.

“now I know dating a neighbor is very important “, StarBoy wrote.

This caption was followed by a crying emoji and a photo of himself looking very sad and worried.

His disappointment comes due to quarantine and curfew that is keeping everyone at their respective homes and not moving anyhow. This means people dating neighbors are the only ones eating sumbies.
He wants to be eating too but his girlfriend lives far away that they can’t be able to meet during this COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it’s not too late for StarBoy Spragga to have a change of plans and avoid starving to death.

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