Singer John Blaq addresses bitter row with management

Amid tensions between John Blaq and his management – the Black Records label in which the he has reportedly lost access to his various social media platforms, the singer has come out to clear the air on the matter.

Reports of sour relations between the parties first made rounds early this week with some sources reporting a sexual scandal between the manager’s girlfriend and the singer as the genesis of the impasse.

Through his lawyer Andrew Obam, John Blaq has however cited unfair contractual treatment from his music partners as the source of the misunderstanding refuting claims that he has ever been signed under the said management.

He says there has never been such a thing as artiste – manager relationship between him and the dual that purports to be his managers but rather a share management relationship among the three individuals [Kolobe Kenneth, Norman Kitti and John Blaq himself] where the two hold 80% shares between themselves, with the singer taking the remaining 20%.

As a result of nearly a full year of abusing the relationship with the singer by the other party with notable questions over transparency, the “mama bulamu” hit maker feels it’s high time he divorced from the bad marriage with the party.

“Where as it’s within your knowledge that we have had a fruitful relationship from the onset of my career as an artiste,to date,knowing that you have been at the same time having control and access to my social media accounts namely; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,Tweeter and Distrokid, this letter serves as a dissolution of the access you have been having to the accounts or any other accounts incidental to m dealings as an artiste,” reads the notice addresses to Mr Kolobe Kenneth and Norman Kitti by the singer on Friday 22.

The letter also copied to the inspector General of police and the Chief of the police’s Cyber Crimes Unit also orders the others party to relinquish login details to the singer within two days of receipt of the notice or else risk doing so under the force of the law.

The talented singer is not the first to lose access to his social media platforms in Uganda,with singers Irene Ntale, Phile Mutoni and Kid rapper Fresh Kid all having faced the same ordeal in the past.

John Blaq’s case is however different since he is a shareholder in the management label but not just an artiste signed under it,which all changes the scope and legal implications involved.

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