Shocking: Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo Broke Up Two Years Ago.

What if someone tell you that eddy Kenzo and Rema parted ways with each other and started walking different roads two years ago. What will your reaction be like? No, that’s a lie, right?

I know how hard it will be to believe that but it is what the couple’s recently leaked WhatsApp message proves beyond reasonable doubts.

The screenshot that made its way up to social media a day ago shows messages between Kenzo and Rema revealing truth never known by anyone ever before.

In the conversation in which Rema confirmed her relationship with Dr. Hamza to her former husband she said, ‘thank you for allowing us to stay in the house for all these two years after you left’ showing clearly that their love engines stopped running two years ago.

The confusing part of this whole situation is the fact that this couple managed to stay together for all this time while keep the truth of their relationship away from the public and media.


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