Sexy Mc Trina Says Gulu University Boys Can’t Manage Her in Bed.

Radio personality and female emcee Trina of radio Rupiny might have been joking or something when she says Gulu University boys can’t manage her madness and style in bed.

The femcee confidently passed this piece of information to a crowd full of Gulu University students asking the boys not to think of even trying her last night at the university grounds during the crowning of miss Gulu University 2019/2020 where she was co-emceeing.

Trina was quoted as saying that these small boys cannot manage me with their small ‘’ting’’ and she goes ahead to claim that her bed time skills and styles are unmatched and none of the campusers should try her out because they are inexperienced and not capable of running a mile with her.

Some boys only begged for a chance to show her that they can do it way too much better and prove her wrong on a serious note but she could only cut them short by switching the conversation to something really different.

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