Revealed: Here are some of the good things Bobi Wine did for ungrateful Ashburg Katto before he left people power

Facebook blogger Ashburg Katto seems to had milked lots of fortune from Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine prior to his departure from people power even when he accuses the latter of being selfish and stingy.

After departing from people power movement to join President Museveni’s team NRM, Ashburg Katto turns his tongue against Bobi Wine as if he never got any kind of benefits from him when their bonds were still tight.

On Tuesday, Ashburg Katto revealed that promoter Balaam Barugahara had helped him meet the president who donated five cows to him and accepted his proposal that he says will make ghettos better living places and give hope to slum dwellers.

He claims that Bobi does nothing for people around him apart from taking selfies with them and spending some little time with them.

Ashburg Katto was quoted as saying , “What did Bobi Wine do to me? Apart from taking selfies with them and his family at his One Love Beach, Busabala during the frequent cheap parties, I saw no future in staying with the Ghetto Gladiator”.

Ashburg goes ahead to say, “Because he wasn’t objective at all towards bettering our standards of living but rather seemed to be a parasite on us. He only centred at the wellness of his family and success of his political goals.”

However, the NRM’s recruit made earlier confessions that clearly shows that Bobi Wine has been really good and has done a lot of good things for him that he will live to remember.

Below are some of the things Bobi has done for Katto.

1- Organised plush birthday party for Ashburg Katto
“I told him look, to have Bobi Wine on any party or function in Kampala you have to cough 10m but the same person (Bobi Wine) together with my friends and family organised for me a surprise birthday party. He cancelled his meetings and decided to spend his time and money on me. It would have cost me more than 19m.”

2- Covered travel expenses for Ashburg Katto
Besides throwing an expensive birthday party for Ashburg Katto, Bobi Wine paid for his air travel expenses worth Shs7 million.
“It’s Hon Kyagulanyi who gave me a chance of sitting of sitting my ass on a plane for the first time in my life. He paid everything for my trip something that could have cost me more than 7m,” further wrote Ashburg.

3-Performed At Ashburg Katto’s Ripped Jeans Party For Free
Bobi Wine also performed at Ashburg Katto’s Ripped Jeans Party in 2015 without asking for money yet singer Cindy Sanyu who had been paid Shs 2 million just performed two songs and disappeared.

“Bobi Wine who was not paid any coin performed more than 20 songs, he paid for his VIP table and also brought the entire Fire Base Crew and they all entertained my guests for free. It could have cost me 5m if I was to pay him,” he said.

It was this narration as shared online by Ashburg himself on December 23, 2017 that made his friends conclude that Bobi Wine was not only his friend but like a father to him. But after changing his mind to abandon People Power, Ashburg has started to blast Bobi Wine and calling him stingy.

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  1. Some p’ple come into yr life lyk a dark storming nyt.When the storm z over and the sun rises it becomes beautiful day.Make beautiful dayz in yr lyf by removing the “storms”. Bobi we shall never and never live u fail(uganda’s president kam 2021)

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