Rema: Eddy Kenzo Sees His Daughter Only When Dr. Hamza Allows.

Rema Denies Kenzo Rights to See Daughter.

Eddy Kenzo’s paternal rights of seeing his daughter has recently been denied by former wife Rema Namakula.

This means that he cannot meet his daughter without Dr. Hanza’s permission.

In a press interview, Rema said it’s up to her new husband to decide whether Kenzo sees his daughter.

She said that she has to sit down with Dr. Hamza and decide when the real father of Aaamal can have contact with his daughter.

She said,’’ I will have to sit with my husband Ssebunya and we agree on the day when kenzo can meet our daughter’’.

‘’I know he is the father of Aaamal but I first have to agree with my man’’, she added.

It has been about five months since Rema introduced her fiancé Hamza Ssebunya in a grand introduction ceremony.

The introduction ceremony took place on Thursday 14th November 2019, at Rema’s parental home in Nabbingo.

Celebrities, media personalities and all sorts of big shots from all walks of life including but not limited to the Queen of Buganda Slyvia Nabagereka Nagginda attended the big ceremony in Nabinggo on Thursday.

Kenzo did not get an invite to Rema’s big day and he flew out of the country prior to the introduction.

Since then there has been no close contact between Kenzo and his daughter since she is under custody of Dr. Hamza.

What kenzo has to say about the matter.

In a new interview, Kenzo responded to Rema’s statement saying that he is willing to wait until Hamza allows him to spend time with his biological daughter.

“I am going to give it time knowing things will eventually work out. I’m praying so hard and I know my prayers will be answered,” sorrowful Kenzo explained.

He ruled out the idea of taking matters to authorities even when the Minister of children affairs, Nakiwala Kiyingi recently offered to help him meet his daughter.

Kenzo confessed that he had not seen Aamal for months. His misses his daughter but he has no access to her.






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