Read: Real Reason Why Producer Rinex Withdraws from Zzina Awards.

Legendary music Producer Rinex has officially withdrawn from Zzina awards.

Rinex doubles as president of the Association of the Audio Producers in Uganda (APAU), an association created to promote love, unity and improve on the creativity of audio producers by sharing ideas. He has been nominated in the category of the best producer in the 2020 Zzina awards together with music producers, Nessim, Daddy Andre, Artin, Diggy Bauer, Ronnie, Bomba and T.O.N  

Rinex who makes music at power records states that he has been in the game for so long and he has achieved a lot so he does not wish to be competing for awards with new and talented producers who needs that kind of platform to shine and take their crafts to the next level and therefore confirms that he will not be a part of the awards.

He posted a thread on social media captioned, ‘’

We achieved this, all I pray is, the love and unity keep growing stronger for the betterment of our industry.

I was nominated in #zzinnaawards alongside my fellow brothers.

an award is a token of appreciation for hard work, @galaxyfm1002 thank you so much for recognizing my hard work 2019/2020.

With due respect, I would love to dedicate my nomination to my fellow brothers listed below who still need more platform and they have really worked so hard to transform this music industry.

I dedicated myself to nurturing producers since then and by god’s grace they’re making it to the top;

I’m still producing more producers.

please vote for your favorite producer.

on behalf of APAU, I would love to congratulate my brothers for their hard work 2019/2020.

to other producers; this is just a wakeup call for all of us to pull up our socks”

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