Photos: Married Pastor Mistakenly Uploads Photo Of Himself Kissing Another Man On Facebook and His Church Members Got To Know About It.

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It’s so absurd that a man of God who is being looked up to by millions of people around the world and an inspiration to many is now a victim to a major sin that is not acceptable by the church and a practice that is totally guarded against by the Holy Bible.

This pastor in question goes by the names of Tommy Clark, A married New York City based pastor, who has been doing the work of God for over a decade.

Pastor Clark threw his church members in total shock when he posted a photo of himself kissing another man on Facebook without realizing what he has done for about an hour.

After the photo has started circulating on Facebook, Pastor Tommy Clark realized that he has done the unexpected and rushed quickly to delete the photo and deactivate his Facebook account but he was only too late as Some of his congregation had already taken screenshots and started sharing on various platforms.

One of his church members who captured the screenshot of this strange photo went ahead to share it on Instagram and says:

“Our pastor just uploaded the wrong picture and he’s married to a woman … smh”

It’s not possible to even guess how this pastor will face his church members and give them an explanation that will lead to a better understanding of the situation in the next Sunday service.

See Photos Below:

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