pato and bosmic otim at Backup records

Pato Loverboy Re-opens Back Up Records

Here comes the “mighty” Back Up. After several months of closure, Gulu city based Backup records is up for business again. Pato Loverboy and the team couldn’t hold the excitement any longer after giving the posh music production studio a great comeback.

 Pato and his manager Jude Ochieng broke the news on Facebook a few days ago and boy you are not ready for this. According to the two, the studio is now bigger and better so we have so much to expect.

Backup has Klint Pro as the main producer. Klint’s reputation precedes his name. He has a thick catalog of hit songs including but not only ‘’Amari Keken’’ by Micho Benz, ‘’Gulu City’’ by Pato featuring Allstars and the recent ‘’Oromo’’ by Eddy Wizzy. By listening to these songs you can be sure of the quality you are going to get.

backup records gulu
Backup records interior

There is no clear information on our side as to why the studio closed.

However, rumor has it that it was allegedly owned by an unidentified person overseas who funded the studio and Pato was the manager  but their relationship went sour so they had to close down after which a new management came in place and rebranded to Jungle Beatz Records since Pato and his team owns the name of the studio.

Pato had to buy new equipment and set up the studio again. This time he is the very owner of it. That’s a great win for him. Clap your hands Bwoy… hihi. Go watch Wiya Nono on YouTube. I love that song. Have a good night