Nina Roz Blasts Ex-Co-wife Angella Katatumba For Claiming She Cannot…

Daddy Andre’s daily snack, Nina Roz has come out to blast Angella Katatumba for publicly claiming ‘she cannot cook and do other related house chores’.

Nina was while responding to Angella ’s ridiculous statements where she opened that she leaves all the house chores for maids, so she can stay queening!

While conducting an interview on Bukedde TV  Angella stressed that she can only prepare rice.

Nina believes the boobilicious singer must have made that statement to make headlines. She says its too embarrassing if indeed Angella doesn’t know how to cook food.

“I find it shaming and embarrassing for a woman to make such statements that she can’t cook or do house chores. There are certain things that you can’t just change and when you even don’t have the authority to change anything. At times you can just talk about it just to grab news headlines and spicing the jazz”, she said.

“In this day and era, you can’t convince me that there is no woman who doesn’t know how to cook…even the first lady cooks. Who are you?”, she asked.

She went ahead to caution ladies to cease from making such statements saying that they could mislead the young generation of females.

Daddy Andre secured self a bonking future with Nina Roz following break up with Angella. Andre and Nina are now living under same room roof.

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