Nile Games Sports leagues To Begin in Northern Uganda

Nile Games Sports leagues To Begin in Northern Uganda

Sports is a big thing in every part of the world and it is continuously evolving at a fast pace as new games and leagues are being introduced. On that account, Nile Games plans to promote sporting talents in northern Uganda through their leagues set to begin as soon as the current lockdown is lifted.

Nile Games deals in sports packing and is a registered sporting company with the Uganda Sporting Board.

The company boasts a vast collection of sports in their catalogue and set to launch Nile Champions League and Nile Kickboxing Championship respectively to begin with.

According to the company’s president, their establishment is primarily to fulfill the standing vision of packaging and promoting sporting talents in the local communities.

Registrations for Nile Premier League are ongoing on the Nile Games official website.

However, it is hard to establish exact starting dates for these leagues yet as the nationwide lockdown may be extended after the 42 days elapses.

Enquiries on Nile Games Sports leagues can be made through email addresses, and, or their official website.

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