New Radio Station in Gulu Town Mega100 FM Finally Unveiled Their Presenters.


Left to right: Panda, Ronnie, Essy and Toobi.

Fresh urban radio station located in and broadcasting from the district of Gulu mega100fm finally announced names of staff who shall be handling on-air programs for the radio yesterday.

The radio with a slogan ‘’where music matters’’ made the big announcement on their official Facebook page on Wednesday yesterday at 8:51pm in the evening in a post captioned ” after a very long time, we are thrilled to reveal what we have been hiding. so here they are: introducing our on-air presenters.” and an image (featured on top of this page) showing the four presenters.

According to the announcement four presenters have been selected by the radio management team to handle these programs and they are pictured above from left to right is; panda, Ronnie, Essy and Toobi who is currently working with radio king.

Mega100 FM is going to work both online and offline and set to start its operation soon and will cover sports, music, weather and feature stories.

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