Must Read: Everyoung Ajulu Has Been Burning With This Message For Too Long, See It Here

Everyoung Ajulu gives upcoming musicians a fatherly advice. Read through until the end to get what he is trying to say.

Everyoung Ajulu has for so long been thinking whether to tell everyone the truth or keep hiding it away from people who need it most.

Ajulu who has recently released a new song “serious business” sees no future in New artists who joins the industry without blessings and guidance from old folks like him who has been around for quite a bit.

The postmortem singer believes that every artist would have the chance to reach the peak of their careers if they go by certain conducts and values.

In his message, the outspoken musician notes that to breakthrough and stay shining as a new artist, one must have a name that is easy to pronounce.

“If you know you are an upcoming musician, please put your ears here” he wrote, “if you want to breakthrough make sure your name is easy to pronounce, don’t fight with any big musician, don’t fight with radio presenters, don’t fight with DJ’s, never forge to sing like  a known artist be yourself, have respect, don’t be proud because of one hit”

In conclusion, Everyoung Ajulu says that any artist who follows the “Ajulu’s rule of music success” will hit him up later to say thank you Sir.

“if you follow this you will thank me later”, Ajulu ends. 

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