Must Read: Alexander Okidi Gets The Internet Shaking By His Statement About Toobi Smolz, Read It Here.

Freedom of expression could be Alexander Okidi ’s favorite section of the national constitution as he can speak what he wants when he wants to most recent of it being his statement on pine Avenue 5 signed rapper Toobi smolz.

Alexander doubts Toobi’s capability of holding it down as the best rapper from Northern Uganda. He was quoted as saying, “if Toobi smolz is the best rapper in Northern Uganda, then MC Wang Jok and Judas Rap Knowledge are from another Region”.

This clearly shows how unconvinced Alexander was with the awarding bodies of hipipo music awards.
This statement by Alexander Okidi attracted an equally heated clap back from Toobi smolz saying, “Who is Alexander Okidi? Is he that bullock who slapped a fellow female workmate? Is he that dipstick who was defeated at the Gulu University Guild race? Is he that Philistine who was banished from his village and now is in Gulu as an asylum seeker?”.

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