Music Industry Is Not A Gang Or A Criminal Group: Singer Joe Emrold’s Letter To Northern Uganda Musicians.

It was yesterday that the fallen musician Lenox (r.i.p) was laid to rest at their…

It was yesterday that the fallen musician Lenox (r.i.p) was laid to rest at their home in for god, Gulu municipality.

The burial that was attended by almost every musician in Gulu town gave a very peaceful send off to the fallen artist.

The local artists gave a great support to the family of the deceased by raising funds to support the burial going ahead to organize a free concert at Da link gardens on Saturday and car wash among others.

One of these artists is singer Joe Emrold who was amazed by the kind of support the artists gave towards their friend’s send off.

Emrold came out this morning to write a long letter of appreciation to all the northern Uganda musicians and addressing other issues as well on his Facebook timeline.

The letter titled ‘’ a public letter to all the northern Uganda musicians’’ reads,

‘’I am here to write to all the music community of North calling for everyday unity and love. I was and I am very overwhelmed by the support we always give to each other when we lose someone. It’s very beautiful thing even though it’s at times sad moments that brings us together I would still pray the spirit continues. Thank you so much for that beautiful sendoff of our brother (artist) Lenox and wherever he is he is smiling.

At this point I would also love to take this opportunity to ask the other side of the musicians who don’t unite with others at such painful moments. Who are you? What are you? Where are you?

Some of you had difficult times too and this very same music community stood by you, then how hard is it for you to come and stand with brothers and sisters when they need our strength for them to stand?

Whether you are a solo musician, a record label, a group or a crew just know you will still need togetherness when your time of difficulty comes so wake up and start joining your friends and brothers.

It was so painful knowing that as some of the artists were busy mourning others were planning to destroy them and those are the very same musicians that have always been supported on daily basis and still they can’t appreciate. Do you think it’s going to be easy this time to support you over and over again when you are not there for the same people who supports you in your times of need?

As me Joe Emrold Qute Eyezz am out of that but I will always stand there for our fellow artists who knows what pain is and will always be there and they know the beauty of togetherness and will always join hands.

Let us not only meet when we are going for funerals. We should always find days for a meet up and we discuss future so we stop hustles when we need financial support. We are all earners (self-employed) we can be doing monthly payment of 20k to a joint music account and at the end of it we shall be having something for us to start up from. Juma Jammie I wish you and your team Prince Usaih Symo, Romeo Odong, Doctor Kaunda, kiddy George can really make this a must for the artists.

Music industry is not a gang or a criminal group for whoever can call himself or herself a musician. We all need registration like in Kampala and Nigeria. Through that we may lack just a very few things. This also makes me ask myself what happened M.E.N (Music Entertainment and Network) I saw future in this but I don’t know what happened to it. I think the authority should take over our industry for us to be smart up in the brain and have a functioning brain.

I hereby apologize to everyone if am sounding bitter but am just hurt how some of us distances themselves unnecessarily and come anyhow when they need help. This must stop and new era starts.

One love to the music community.

R.I.P Lenox.’’

This letter tend to address so many issues northern Ugandan artists are going through. We believe it produces positive impacts on all the parties involved.



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