MTN UG Hip Hop Awards

MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2020 Winners

The 2020 and 4th edition of the UG Hip-Hop Awards saw it’s birth on Friday 28th. February last week at the MTN Warehouse in Kampala, Uganda where several key players in the hip-hop industry walked out of the building with accolades and smiles of victory on their way home.

The awards that tries to bring all top performing Ugandan artists under the genre of hip-hop to the limelight at its best were organized by The Tribe UG, an online hip hop and marketing platform and giant telecommunication company MTN.

Awards were given out in about twenty two categories which includes, male rapper of the year, female rapper of the year, song of the year, producer of the year, video of the year, album of the year, mixtape of the year collaboration of the year inspiration song of the year, lyricist of the year, sweet 16, rap fusion of the year, rookie of the year, hip-hop DJ of the year, media personality of the year, diaspora rapper of the year, central rapper of the year, eastern rapper of the year, western Uganda rapper of the year, northern rapper of the year, Hip Hop Caller Tune of the Year and Lifetime Achievement award.

Other categories include Lifetime Achievement Award received by Lyrical G and Media Personality of the Year Award received by NXT Radio presenter Jokwiz.

Below Are the Winners of The MTN UG Hip Hop Awards 2020.

1- Male Rapper of the Year
• Da Agent
• Feffe Bussi
• Byg Ben
• Fik Fameica

2- Female Rapper of the Year
Recho Rey
• Cynnate
• Tushi Polo
• Felista

3- Song of the Year
• ‘Kampala Takoma’ – Mun*G ft. Crysto Panda
• ‘Parte after Parte’ – BigTril
• ‘Boss Up’ – DJ Crim ft. Mun*G and Vyper Ranking
• ‘Nfunayo’ – VIP JEMO
• ‘UG’s Most Wanted’ – Byg Ben ft. Various Artists

4- Producer of the Year
• Dagg Mizzo
• Yung Jey Basalesale
• Mio Made
• BigTril

5- Video of the Year
• ‘KITA’ – Timothy Code
• ‘Akatambala’ – Da Agent
‘Level Up’ – Flex D’Paper
• ‘Go Get It’ – Truth 256
• ‘UG’s Most Wanted’ – Byg Ben ft. Various Artists

6- Album of the Year
• Imbuka Eyi’Yange – Byg Ben
• African Stories – Pryce Teeba & Baru
• Change – Naxa
VROOM – Tucker HD
• TRUHSE – B-Flex & A1 Fresh

7- Mixtape of the Year
• Self Discovery – Nickarma Nox
Blackmail: 7 Day Delivery – Blixxack
• Zagang Volume 1 – Zagang
• Rare Sounds – Ganzi
• JoyRide – Jesse x Levi

8- Collaboration of the Year
• ‘Boss Up’ – DJ Crim, Mun*G ft. Vyper Ranking
• ‘Welcome to KLA’ – Tucker HD ft. Blixxack
• ‘Maji Moto’ – Pryce Teeba & Fasie
• ‘UG’s Most Wanted’ – Byg Ben ft. Various Artists
• ‘Oluwa Diamond’ – Double S ft. Moelogo

9- Inspiration Song of the Year
• ‘Twanyumirwanga’ – Xhanol Mushin
‘Amen’ –The Mith ft. Mal-X
• ‘Barna’ – Joy Anthem
• ‘Speak Up’ – 1DER JR ft. Kamanzi
• ‘I’ll be your salvation’ – Philant Official

10- Lyricist of the Year
• ‘BBE’ – Pyramid MC
‘Numbers’ – Navio
• ‘Kukunku Freestyle’ – St. Maxi Mayne
• ‘Won Off’ – Ajo
• ‘Welcome to KLA’ – Tucker HD

11- Sweet 16
• ‘Numbers’ – Navio
‘M7 Vs. Bobi Wine’ – Pyramid MC
• ‘UG’s Most Wanted’ – Tucker HD
• ‘Pablo Freestyle’ – TimothyCODE
• ‘Owabajaja Kabaliga’ – Leumas

12- Rap Fusion of the Year
• ‘Bwogana’ – Recho Rey & Winnie Nwagi
• ‘ Love Yoo’ – Feffe Bussi
• ‘Giddem’ – BigTril ft. Beanie Gunter
• ‘Omu Bwati’ – Fik Fameica ft. Patoranking
‘Kyekyo’ – Navio

13- Rookie of the Year
St. Maxi Mayne
• St. Ronnie
• Naxa
• B-Flex
• Cynnate

14- Hiphop DJ of the Year
• DJ Sting
• Sal The Deejay
• Slaughter Elly
• DJ Mark Xtreme
DJ Crim

15- Media Personality of the Year
• The Mith & Deejay Crim (Urban TV)
• Mosh Mulla (Record TV)
• Calvin Da Entertainer (UBC TV)
Jokwiz (NXT Radio)
• MC Ollo (NBS TV)

16- Diaspora Rapper of the Year
• Ms. Banks
GNL Zamba
• Blixxack
• Cynnate
• Double S

17- Central Rapper of the Year
• Recho Rey
• Da Agent
Feffe Bussi
• Fik Fameica
• VIP Jemo

18- Eastern Rapper of the Year
• Mamre Snares
Leumas Owabajaja
• Mas D’rapper
• HID 16TH
• Umukuka Blazy

19- Western Uganda Rapper of the Year
• Crazie Wispa
• Da MuZa
Truth 256
• Lithan Xtrm

20- Northern Rapper of the Year
Toobi Smallz
• Rappa Blutit
• Gbaraspoken
• Ga Swagga

21- Hip Hop Caller Tune of the Year
• Recho Rey

22- Lifetime Achievement award

•Lyrical G. 


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