“Most of these northern female northern artists need to go for vocal training”- Rama preacher advises

Highly talented Kitgum Town based musician, Rama Preacher has expressed great displeasure in the vocal delivery of northern female artists.

The seemingly unimpressed Rama opens up about this issue on a Facebook post citing that most northern female artists should try out a few vocal trainings before jumping into the booth to record a song.

“Most of these northern female artists need to go for vocal training”, Rama Preacher wrote.

He goes ahead to apologize to anyone who may not get his point of view right and says, “I’m sorry if any don’t feel this advise”.

Many fans applauded in the comments section Rama for coming up with such a great advise that they believe would change the industry in the near future.

One Facebook user commented, “that’s some good point most of them have funny voices especially back 7-10 years ago. They need to train their vocals before they start singing professionally”.

However, some fans came in support of their favorite female musicians, “but at least Adong…I love her vocal”, a fan wrote.

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