Lydia Jazmine Gives More Secrets About Her Pregnancy Rumors, Is Fik Fameica Safe? Read More Here

Rumors have been going around claiming that singer Lydia Jazmine is carrying her first child and Fik Fameica is the sharpshooter responsible, she has now opened up with the truth.

For the past few weeks, Photos have been making rounds on social media showing both enjoying each other’s company, too close to each other in a manner that would suggest they are more than just friends and workmates.

Through her social media, Lydia Jazmine continued to distance herself from fresh rumors that are going around claiming that she has gained weight and hence a sign that she could be pregnant with Fik’s child.

I’m Gaining Weight In The Right Places And I Have Peace Of Mind! 😉🥰 Bantu Mwe Temusala”- she captioned a post on her social media.

Below is Lydia Jazmine’s post 

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