Leaked: Zahara Totto and Ex-boyfriend Luzze Anderson’s Private Messages Never Seen Before.

NBS TV’s gossip queen Zahara Totto and Luzze Anderson, Record TV presenter are involved in very serious social media war after the UNCUT TV show co-host Zahara was badly exposed by the ex-boyfriend.

Zahara Totto swore to hit back at Anderson and defame him for exposing her lowlife and dirty past to the whole world and indeed had to make it happen real quick.

She went wild to the extent that no one could tame her showering Luzze Anderson with the insults that has never been heard before.

However, in response to Zahara, Luzze decided to revenge and have a defense for himself by exposing her lowlife and dirty past as a girl who grew up on the rentals (mizigos) of her mother as a prostitute where she entertained a forest of men ending up mothering children mistakenly.

According to Record TV’s Luzze Anderson, he had singled out specifically Totto for an interview simply because they share a long history.

“We were dating in 2011….She was indeed my girl. Even her first time on WBS TV was on my show. For this, I nearly got fired. My producer was incensed over bringing her on TV, saying ‘why bring a prostitute on set?’. This was because she was a regular figure at almost all bars across Kampala. In fact, she was a waiter at some of them,” he recounts.

Below are the screenshots of the nasty conversation that took place between the two ex-lovers.





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