Keyzy Bozzman Announces New Song “Lok Ma Jwii” Featuring Dickzy

Fast rising Gulu City musician Keyzy Bozzman is set to release a new song that goes by the title “LOK MA JWII” in which he featured Dickzy on 2nd, July 2020.

Keyzy Bozzman is releasing this new jam as a follow up to “Lakwaa Wang” that came out a month ago and has been covering airwaves everywhere around the City.

The success of Lakwaa Wang pushed Bozzman to keep going and never stop at any moment, hence plan for “LOK MA JWII” came in place.

According to Bozzman, this new song is expected to do better than all his previous releases because of the energy he has put in the creative process.

He hints that the song is worth your listening and everyone should stay posted about it and never miss.

This mysterious song was produced by Giddy beats and Galaxy Records where he has been doing most of his recent songs.

However, Keyzy Bozzman didn’t go in depth of what the new song actually talks about so we got to keep our ears open as it drops.

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