Karole Kasita Boyfriend Fights: DIRTY SECRETS REVEALED

Karole Kasita boyfriend has got involved in a terrible fight with her alleged boyfriend during an Instagram live chat with her fans.

Following a heated argument, the “Balance” and “Yaka” singer Karole kasita had to go bare bitter with her fiancé as heard and seen in the video clip that has gone viral.

Accordingly, Karole Kasita reached even to the extent of going valgar as she tried to retrieve her phone that had been confiscated by her boyfriend since she was live talking to her fans on her socials.

In the video, her guy is heard arrogantly demanding for a little respect from the singer if their affair is to keep going.

Looks like their relationship has hit stones at this moment but things for a couple should be left to them alone to handle.

We hope that the fast rising singer and her man sort out the issues and come to a complete understanding with each other.

Watch The Video Clip From blizz Below For Detailed Info

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