East African heavy weight music champion Dr. Jose Chameleone awaits permanent deletion of his official Facebook page by Facebook landlord Mark Zuckerberg’s men.

Jose Chameleone’s official Facebook page has over 618,858 followers that would mean a lot to lose them all in a day.

The multi award-winning musical legend Jose Chameleone received this bad news of the drastic measure to be taken on his facebook page from the facebook team.

The Facebook intends to take down chameleone’s page with immediate effect.

According to the alert message, facebook claims that Dr. Jose Chameleone gets this penalty for sharing misleading information about #COVID-19 pandemic which violates their community standards.

Facebook alert screenshot

Chameleone denied taking any action that would get his account deleted from Facebook for good but says he has been creating awareness and spreading positive vibes only about the wide spread pandemic.

However, in reaction to this, a lot of people have come to talk about the take-down.

A source close to the chamilli believes the message could have been sent by hackers who wants to take over the page. But who knows? Let’s watch the space.

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