Joe Emrold Qute Eyezz Proves That No Woman Can Twerk Better Than Him In This New Video, Watch It Here

Joe Emrold Qute Eyezz is truly possessed by the feeling that no woman out there can do the twerking dance better than he does.

Emrold proved this through a video clip he shared online yesterday shot while previewing a song at Platinumz House music Studio.

Joe Emrold Qute Eyezz was in the studio with a fine looking chocolate skin lady whose identities could not be established by this website.

In the short video clip that is just about two minutes in length, the two colleagues were probably living their best lives as they sing along to the love song with too much vibes.

Joe was in the background as the lady records the video on phone camera.

The two were lip syncing to the lyrics as they laughed and smiled heavily.

Quotable lyrics from the song: “I move around i see no girl like u.
I moved around the world. But i see no one like you…. I wanna stay with u girl”

A few seconds to the end of the recording Joe Emrold turned his back to the camera and started whining his waist like a teenage girl who has stepped into the club for the first time.

Watch the video clip below until the end and rate Emrold’s twerkability.

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