Jackie Chandiru’s Death Rumor Squashed by manager 2019.

It was Sunday afternoon when the internet got flooded with media reports on singer Jackie Chandiru’s passing on from the Naguru health facility where she was receiving treatment from.

Many local media outlets made the reports that only turned out to be false rumors and goes ahead to post images of the ‘’gold digger’’ hit maker with a ‘’R.I.P’’ label on it that quickly caught attention of people around the country like wildfire on dry grass.

The news circulated on various social media pages that attracted fans and people to whom Chandiru is known to jump into the comment section and type ‘’R.I.P’’  to show sympathy.

However, that same evening at 9:50pm Jackie Chandiru’s manager Julie Erusa made a confirmation that the former Blu*3 songstress is alive and kicking in a Facebook post that reads, ‘’Jackie Chandiru Eyaa is not dead’’.

Julies post gave light to fake rumors and restored hope in the hearts of many that the singer could still get out of the bad condition that she is in right now.

We wish her quick recovery.

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