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Is Starboy Spragga the Best Promoter in Northern Uganda?

It’s not a surprise that Starboy Spragga has been the most active and vibrant online promoter in northern Uganda in the past three years of his career since it’s Kick start in 2014 for someone who has been observant of the situation.

Having the greatest number of social media followers of all promoters in the region on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that makes a combined total of 5000 and gaining 5 years old experience in the game, the Kitgum native plays the game at its best when it comes to creating awareness of any kind of product be it music, events or mercs online that has garnered him a lot of success in that line and he is not willing to stop any time soon.

From working with major record labels in the region like Pine Avenue 5, Acholi Empire and the recent management deal signed with Eddy Wizzy of More fire entertainment to working with a big artist like Fik Fameica and a big brand like Abryanz fahion house, StarBoy Spragga has made great moves that most of his fellows in the same game couldn’t really do.

Despite the fact that he has gained so much influence and respect in the entertainment industry he never stops being humble something that makes him totally unique from the rest of his colleagues.

One thing that makes Spragga even a lot more different from the rest of promoters is the fact that he does his job even outside of northern Uganda as he is seen promoting people and products from West Nile, Kampala and as far as Australia and America among others.

From all that is said above can we come to a conclusion that Spragga is the best promoter in northern Uganda? What do you think?

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