‘’Is He That Philistine Who Was Banished from His Village and Now Is in Gulu As an Asylum Seeker? – Toobi Smolz Fires Back at Radio Presenter Alexander Okidi in Recent Social Media War.

Toobi smolz has failed to let it go easy on radio rupiny presenter alexander okidi who called him out recently in a facebook post.

It all started after Hipipo Music Awards crowned the only rapper signed under Pine Avenue 5 Record Label as the best rapper from Northern Uganda something Alexander Okidi wasn’t at per with. He then took it to social media to trash the awards saying, ‘’if Toobi smolz is the best rapper in Northern Uganda, then MC Wang Jok and Judas Rap Knowledge are from another Region”.

Toobi never expected that kind of statement to be coming from a person like Alexander and immediately expressed his disappointment in the fellow media personality striking his head with tons of thunder.

“Who is Alexander Okidi? Is he that bullock who slapped a fellow female workmate? Is he that dipstick who was defeated at the Gulu University Guild race? Is he that Philistine who was banished from his village and now is in Gulu as an asylum seeker?”, he wrote.

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