If You Don’t Know These Things Before You Are 23 Years – You Might Suffer In Life

In life there are mistakes that shouldn’t have happened or mistakes that could have been avoided but they weren’t because the person was not prepared or aware of this things. My teachers use to say to be forewarned is to be fore harm. If you are young you’re still lucky to know this before time and if you’re above age its not late to recycle.

1. Don’t be with someone who’s family do not like you.
It is an everlasting battle that you will eventually lose, I see some ladies saying he really loves me but his family do not support our union. Guess what? No matter how a man loves you he’ll never abandon his family, family that don’t like you, even if he’s a wise man. His family are always there to turn his heart against you. Even if he’s strong, strong men also have weak points.

2. You will not gain respect trying to please everyone.
Stand up for yourself and always speak your mind. Don’t be an permit me to use the word “Ass Licker”, doing everyone’s bid. Don’t wear a dress that makes you feel uncomfortable because that’s what is trending or what your friends want you to wear. Know what you want and go for it. Don’t live your life by the rules of anybody

3. Only share things when you are established.
People will ask why I say this. People are envious and will try to destroy your plans if you share too quickly. Am not saying that you shouldn’t help someone when they need your help, all am saying is don’t show off too quickly. Even great men have been brought down to nothing because they were too nice.

4. Listen more than you talk.
I don’t know the best way to explain this… Other than repeating it again in capital letters LISTEN MORE THAN YOU TALK.

5. Social skills are important in life.
It is not all about having good grade, being the best in your field or being the smartest. You must learn how to make solid connections, how to interact with others. Because in life there’s no way you can avoid meeting other people and this will help you in life. So read, study and meet other people.

6. Elders are not always right
Well how culture has brainwashed us that elders knows it all. Until its time to use the computer or time to do other things they don’t know or have idea about. The truth is its not every time you seek advice from elders, they’re not always right.

7. Confidence is more valuable than looks
Have confidence you’ll need it. Forget about being handsome or beautiful. A confident person will walk up to something and strife for it without fear

8. Know the difference between Family and Relations
I use to say this families are different from relations. Family are the one that truly loves you, they want the best for you. But relations are those who you’re related too by blood.

9. Be careful with what you take in
As a teenager we tend to take in things that are harmful to our health, some of these things are cheap and easy to get. But the truth is we should be careful with what we take in, some are addictive and they might ruin someone’s life.

Like I said if you are young you’re lucky but if you’re above age there’s is still a turning point.

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