“I want God To Take My Life But He’s Taking So Long, I Hear Strange Voices In My Head”- MC Kats Cries Out Loud (VIDEO).

MC Kats Cries Out.

NBS TV presenter Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats seems to be going through the most lately according to confessions made via a viral video making rounds on the internet about the frustration he is going through, deteriorating health conditions and more so rejection by his loved ones and how much he is asking God to take his life and put him in a better place in vain.

With all the pain he has kept inside his heart Kats feels that it would make no difference if God has taken his life away from him and let him rest in peace than to be alive in this world and suffer in the worst way.

In one of these disturbing videos that surfaced online, Kats openly talks about his suicidal plans and cries out for a helping hand from whoever would be willing to help calm this bad situation of emotional and psychological torture he is facing right now.

What happened? 

He did not hesitate to let the world know about his HIV/AIDs status admitting that he is positive in the video clip that is about three minutes long and goes ahead to speak of how he has been fighting the viral infection for over ten years now trying every kind of treatment from taking ARVs to using herbal medicine that he believes that may put his health at a better condition.

Watch the video below:


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