Pia Pounds- ”I Have Never Slept with Kenzo”.

Pia Pounds says radios are not playing her songs because of Eddy Kenzo.

The singer hit the spotlight on Eddy Kenzo’s cosign and record deal.

According to pia pounds, radio stations are denying her air-plays because of the rumors that had it that she was in a romantic relationship with Kenzo behind Rema’s back hence they consider her a home wrecker and traitor and not willing to be giving exposure to her music.

However, she trashes the rumors saying that Eddy Kenzo on helped in pushing her career in the music industry to a greater height and they were only related as business partners but not as husband and wife.

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Pia Pounds left Big Talent at the height of the rumors that she was dating Kenzo behind Rema’s back. She says these unfounded rumours continue to affect her music career.

She also says Kenzo is now the main reason her musical career is stagnant.

“People hate me because they think I am a home wrecker. They continue to reject my music. I have never slept with Kenzo,” she wrote.

Eddy Kenzo’s side of the story.

During an exclusive interview  with Bukedde TV months ago, the music super star says he will be introducing another woman.

“I believe this year won’t end before I get a lover. I am very sure that I will get one. In fact, I’m even very excited that I will be introducing her to my family and friends, but I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes I did in my past relationship”, he said.

The Sitya Loss hitmaker broke up with his long-time girlfriend and baby mama Rema Namakula, who married one Dr Hamza Sebunya late last year and moved in with him.

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