“I can live without you, I am so tired of you”- Babaritah dumps mother after bitter fight over comedian boyfriend boyfriend Chiko

Singer Babaritah and mum has been locking horns lately following Babaritah’s involvement with comedian boyfriend Chiko of Madrat and Chiko duo.

Babaritah’s mum does not want her to be chewing comedian Chiko’s cassava and as a result of this, the singer has paraded off her yet to be finished house and bragged how she is ready to move in with her “over skilled bonkmate Chiko.”

Through a video clip that surfaced online a few days ago, Babaritah, a Ugandan musician was heard fighting with her mother over Comedian Chiko as she never wants her to date him.

Even though Babaritah kept on denying that she has no connections with Chiko and that he has never chewed her sumbie, she ended up leaving her mother’s house and moving in with a friend.

Now through her social media, She has paraded off a yet to be finished house with a caption that left many convinced that she was dedicating it to her mother.

“She thinks I have No house”- Babaritah captioned her photo.


Chiko when asked about chewing Babaritah Mirembe, his response was never clear as he kept on denying and being unclear about his answers.

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