How Martha Kay Broke Social Media With Her ‘Sumbie’ Pics and Became Famous Overnight

On the 31st of May 2019, a couple of succulent nude pics allegedly belonging to a one city slay queen Martha kagimba

a.k.a Martha Kay leaked online began is making rounds on social media.

In the photos, a completely nak*d Martha Kay was seen smiling for the camera as she completely posed bare in a bathroom tab.

Given the magnitude oft the scandal at the time, Martha Kay temporarily went off social media and also distanced her self from

the pics claiming that her image had been Photo-shopped into some body else’s a naked body.

The sweet voiced socialite later accepted ownership of the pics and blamed their leakage to some one

who was in possession of  her phone  for their release. Apparently the guy who released them was demanding

for a huge chunk of money.

Click the link below to see the pics in question;

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