nyege nyege festival

How It Went Down At Nyege Nyege Festival

Nyege nyege stands for Joy, Love and Peace. Nyege nyege festival is one of the most prominent international music festivals in East Africa. It’s a four days’ annual event that takes place in Jinja, Uganda at Nile Discovery Beach on the shores of the mighty river Nile.

The festival attracts a global audience and aims at celebrating Ugandan culture and African music by showcasing all the exciting development on the East African scene and showing daring projects and giving a real voice to the underground, making it a highlight for both audiences and musicians alike and it’s all about dancing.

Nyege nyege festival 2019 happened between 5th and 8th September and it marked the fifth edition of the event since its birth in 2015. Lots of performers from all over Africa and as far as Europe and Asia came showcased at the event.

From camping to music performances and fashion the festival tends to give revelers best time of their lives in just four days by giving then arrays of activities to choose from.

Music performances in five different stages were unreal and would cause conflict of interest of which one to watch yet it gave chances to everyone to go for what they really like.

Some photos of the festival can be seen below;








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