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Eddy Wizzy’s ‘’Apoya’’ Is Driving Everyone Crazy

Eddy wizzy remains one of the most exciting northern Ugandan artists of late dropping serious hit songs back-to-back like he is about to go psycho. True to this statement and in his song ‘’Apoya’’, the artist confirms that not only him but everyone in this world is mad, though the level of madness varies.

The music video for this song, which was directed and shot by Woko Derrick of Toltape Filmz at koc kweyo beach in the outskirt of Gulu municipality is one that will surely make your day.

Everyone who participated in the video shoot from dancers to the vixens were crazy enough to keep the ‘’apoya’’ vibe throughout the whole video.

The high level of creativity vested in producing this masterpiece boosted the standards of this video and made it even a lot more interesting.

If you have watched this video before thanks to you and if you haven’t watched it yet don’t worry you can watch it below;

Eddy Wizzy- Apoya (Official music video).



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