Eddy Kenzo opens up on finding better sumbies elsewhere, swear that he will never fall for a Ugandan woman again

After four months of lockdown in a foreign country, Eddy Kenzo has slowly adopted to the foreign culture, food and also found a secret in the women of Ivory Coast that prompts him never to marry a Ugandan woman again.

Singer Eddy Kenzo says he is not bothered about the language barrier problem, but one thing he is sure of is that he will never marry a Ugandan woman.

Kenzo, real name Edrisa Musuuza noted that he wants to marry a woman who was raised far away from Uganda and can’t understand any of local languages spoken, because Ugandans on social media gossip a lot.

“My bride should not be raised in Uganda, and should not be familiar with any local language very well. I want when you start gossiping about her, she can’t understand anything of what you say, because you people gossip a lot hohoho,” Kenzo said through his social media platform on Thursday.

It’s clear that he has mixed with the ladies out there and his taste has switched permanently. Who knows, it could be true that he never came back alone.

The ‘Mugole’ singer has so far been in two known relationships, with the last one being that with fellow singer Rema Namakula. But it ended so terribly especially on Kenzo’s side after Rema dumped him for a new man Hamza Sebunya with whom she got married to in November 2019.

The BET Award winner has two children Maya and Aamal Musuuza, but possibly following the drama, bad press and betrayals he went through during his breakup with Rema, the singer now vows to never get involved with a Ugandan woman ever again.

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