Die-hard Fans takes over Judas Rap Knowledge and Kao Denero’s Rap War

It looks like Judas Rap Knowledge Da Akbar is done going back and forth with Last King Kao Denero in the most trending international rap battle of late after releasing protect your soul but the feud is far from end time as fans of both sides takes on.

Fans of Judas rap knowledge and Kao Denero are throwing multiple shots at each other on social media and it’s clear how many of them has taken things to the heels.

“#Kao_Kenero and all his crews are like a broken mirrors he can’t reflect the real image. Judas is on a front page! Let talks about the average, Judas predict the platinum.
Kao Denero! Tell Judas if you need son, Judas is the King on top son…
Rhymes like bullet🔥 from machine gun…
#JUDAS is a captain in the front line!👨🏾‍✈‍”, a fan of Judas posted.

While on the Sierra Leonean rapper, Kao Denero’s side fans are not ready to 
Kao fan to be named the losing team.

One fan wrote: “F**k to those none name rapper’s..
Black 4 life..
Fans of Judas Rap knowledge can now close their ashes. Black leo we on the street hard like mature penetrated d**k.
One of the top underground wack rapper, Judas Rap knowledge. Judas if u are good like other MC’s in Uganda u should have be one of the top MC. Please try to do hit song for your country…
Fans of Judas the betrayal kiss my **s and s**k my D**k.. hahaha….lol..we always hard….”

Who’s going to win this battle? Judas rap knowledge or Kao Denero 

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