Davido Curses Cardi B’s Husband Offset For Insulting His Wife Chioma When The American Rapper Says His Wife Stooped So Low To Call Herself Chioma B-“My Wife’s Name Is Better Than Your Entire Generation”.

During her visit to Nigeria, Cardi B adopted the name “Chioma B” which is a blend of Davido’s wife’s name “Chioma” and letter “B” taken from her name.

When Cardi B’s husband and Migos rapper Offset got to know about his fiance’s new name after seeing it on the internet, the Atlanta rapper wasn’t impressed at all and he reacted furiously to it immediately by throwing a cloud of shades on Chioma.

Offset poured out his guts and slammed Davido’s wife Chioma, wondering, why on earth, his wife, an internationally known and Grammy Award winning rapper, Cardi B would stoop so low to call herself Chioma B.
“Can someone please teli me, what’s going on? I couldn’t believe my wife went so low to bear @ Davido wife’s name (Chioma B) 😡😠.. WTF🤢”, He wrote.

Davido considered to be some kind of downgrade to his wife-to-be and the conversation sparked fire and heated beyond boiling point on twitter and he called out Offset for saying that his wife stooped so low to call herself Chioma B.

Davido fired back with the same ‘heat’. He replied, “My wife’s name is better than your entire generation👆 off man, you’re not street☠ like I thought you were… f#ck you dude”.

The image shows exchange between Davido and Offset

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