Confession: “4 Kids and 7 Abortions, This Is The My Last Abortion In Life”- Bad Black Finally Quits Abortion and Turns To God.

Socialite Bad Black whose real names are Shanitah Namuyimbwa finally quits abortion and turns to God in a serious confession made on her official instagram account status.

Bad Black seems to have been looking deeply into her habits of terminating her unwanted unborn babies and she has decided to make a move to quit the act and live a better life in the following years to come .

The socialite who is known for her ‘don’t care what they think or say’ kind of life is not new to dating loaded men mostly for the purpose of getting money from them getting served in the process.

She is now ready to stick to one man and get pregnant only when necessary and never try to abort again in her entire life.

On her Instagram official account, confesses on having committed 7 abortions and surviving four kids and thanks God for healing her from recent abortion that she calls the last abortion of her life.

“4 kids and 7 abortions ” she wrote and goes ahead to say, “Thank God am healed now 🙏🙏🙏it was the last abortion n life sibidamu 👿 I need to keep making body strong “.

Check out the screenshots below:

Bad black abortion

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