Cindy Sanyu Involved in Bitter Fight with a Fan, This Is How It All Started (SCREENSHOTS)

Famous female singer Cinderella Sanyu best known as Cindy Sanyu couldn’t let go on a fan who called her out that claiming she is not looking as good as she used to be.

The fan noted that Cindy is aging like 60 year old vet, Halima Namakula and so she is no longer attactive.

This incident threaded from Cindy’s ‘Senga’ daily lessons that runs on her facebook page, where a concerned in-law has got no encouraging words for the Kingherself as he has made it clear to the singer how she is never turning forever young but aging on a terrible speed like the “Ekimbeewo” singer.

“truth is Cindy okadiye… Labayo Oluba!!!! Lulinga olwa Halima Namakula” He wrote.

This comment didn’t sit well with the singer and she hit back at the seemingly provocative fan telling him to unfollow her and go follow children adding that she can’t fight aging as it’s natural and normal.

“we are all growing everyday if age offends you please unfollow. There are many children for you to follow. Hopefully they will never grow. Peace bro”, Cindy Sanyu replied.

Check out the screen shot of the exchanges;

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